Missing characters

As of February 22 2006 all of these images have been restored.

Thanks to Ralf Piskora for providing help on restoring the animated characters.

There were 2539 Chinese characters on the original Ocrat.com site.

This is a listing of the characters that are missing for the three different image types. If you have copies of these images or if you would like to help work on replacing or rebuilding them, please email me. In the future I would also like to expand to include more characters, especially traditional characters.


For big characters:
    192 out of 2539 bad (0.0756203229618)
    ['b0a1', 'b0a2', 'b0b1', 'b0c7', 'b0d6', 'b0ef', 'b1a1', 'b1a7', 'b1b8', 'b1df',
     'b1eb', 'b1f9', 'b1fb', 'b2a8', 'b2aa', 'b2ae', 'b2b2', 'b2b6', 'b2bf', 'b2c3',
     'b2cd', 'b2d0', 'b2df', 'b3a8', 'b3e5', 'b3eb', 'b4f3', 'b5a8', 'b5af', 'b5b6',
     'b5cf', 'b5d7', 'b6ae', 'b6ce', 'b6d2', 'b7b4', 'b7c9', 'b7ce', 'b7d7', 'b7d8',
     'b7ed', 'b7ef', 'b8e2', 'b8e8', 'b9b1', 'b9b9', 'b9cc', 'b9d2', 'b9dd', 'b9e3',
     'b9e7', 'baaf', 'bab3', 'bab5', 'bab8', 'bac3', 'bac8', 'bacf', 'bad0', 'bad7',
     'bae0', 'bae1', 'bae4', 'baf3', 'bafb', 'bafd', 'bbb0', 'bbc4', 'bbd8', 'bcad',
     'bce4', 'bce6', 'bcf3', 'bcfa', 'bcfc', 'bdb1', 'bdc7', 'bdda', 'bddc', 'bdf6',
     'bdf7', 'bdfb', 'bed6', 'c0a9', 'c0af', 'c0cd', 'c0d1', 'c0d7', 'c0e6', 'c0f2',
     'c1a5', 'c2a2', 'c2a6', 'c2a7', 'c2b6', 'c2ca', 'c2d8', 'c2db', 'c2e3', 'c2ee',
     'c2fc', 'c3a9', 'c3b2', 'c3b3', 'c3d7', 'c3dc', 'c3e2', 'c3e8', 'c3fe', 'c4dd',
     'c5ac', 'c5b2', 'c5c1', 'c5ed', 'c5ee', 'c6b5', 'c6ba', 'c6c2', 'c6dd', 'c7bb',
     'c8ad', 'c8ae', 'c8c6', 'c8e2', 'c8ed', 'c8f0', 'c9e4', 'cab6', 'cab7', 'cae9',
     'caf4', 'caf5', 'cbb5', 'cbc3', 'cbde', 'cbea', 'cce5', 'ccfc', 'cdb3', 'cdc8',
     'cdd1', 'cdec', 'ceaf', 'cec8', 'ced5', 'd0ac', 'd0c1', 'd0ca', 'd0d4', 'd0d5',
     'd0f7', 'd1d9', 'd1de', 'd1f1', 'd2aa', 'd2d0', 'd3b9', 'd3c2', 'd3c4', 'd3e8',
     'd3ec', 'd3ee', 'd3f1', 'd3f5', 'd3fc', 'd4ac', 'd4bb', 'd4d6', 'd5a7', 'd5d0',
     'd7c0', 'd7cf', 'd7d0', 'd7d3', 'd7db', 'd7dd', 'd7f6', 'd9a1', 'dae0', 'e1dc',
     'e2e7', 'e5e8', 'e7d7', 'e7db', 'e7dd', 'e8f3', 'f4de', 'bfde', 'cfa7', 'cfd5',
     'cfee', 'cff1']


For the stroke-order diagrams:
    187 out of 2539 bad (0.073651043718)
    ['b0c2', 'b1a5', 'b1b0', 'b1b2', 'b1ca', 'b1d8', 'b1eb', 'b1f9', 'b2bb', 'b2e2',
     'b2e3', 'b2e6', 'b2f8', 'b3be', 'b3c7', 'b3cb', 'b3f3', 'b4bc', 'b4fa', 'b4fb',
     'b5a2', 'b5ab', 'b5ba', 'b5bf', 'b5c1', 'b5cd', 'b5cf', 'b6ae', 'b6dc', 'b6e9',
     'b7a2', 'b7b8', 'b7c1', 'b7c5', 'b7c6', 'b7c9', 'b7ce', 'b7f1', 'b7f3', 'b8a8',
     'b8ae', 'b8b5', 'b8e1', 'b8e6', 'b9ce', 'b9f3', 'b9fe', 'bac0', 'bac1', 'bac4',
     'bacb', 'bad5', 'bae2', 'bae8', 'bbbb', 'bcc0', 'bcd9', 'bda3', 'bdae', 'bdb1',
     'bdbe', 'bdc9', 'bdcf', 'bdd2', 'bddc', 'bddd', 'bde8', 'bdf7', 'bdfe', 'bea7',
     'beb6', 'bef5', 'c0d3', 'c0d5', 'c0ee', 'c1f5', 'c2a7', 'c2ac', 'c2b6', 'c2ca',
     'c2d7', 'c2d8', 'c2e3', 'c2f0', 'c3cf', 'c3e0', 'c4b2', 'c4c7', 'c4de', 'c4ee',
     'c5ac', 'c5ad', 'c5b0', 'c5b2', 'c6a1', 'c6e1', 'c6e4', 'c7b7', 'c7bd', 'c7d0',
     'c7d1', 'c7e9', 'c8a1', 'c8aa', 'c8b4', 'c8ca', 'c8d9', 'c8e2', 'c8e5', 'c8f0',
     'c8f2', 'c8f5', 'c8f6', 'c8f8', 'c9b1', 'c9c1', 'c9dc', 'c9e4', 'c9f5', 'c9f9',
     'cab0', 'cab1', 'cab3', 'cab8', 'cab9', 'cac6', 'caf0', 'caf3', 'cbc9', 'cbdf',
     'cbfc', 'cca5', 'cccc', 'ccdc', 'cdbd', 'cdcf', 'cdd0', 'cdd1', 'cddb', 'ceb7',
     'cedd', 'd0c1', 'd0f7', 'd1b8', 'd1cf', 'd1d5', 'd1e1', 'd1eb', 'd1f3', 'd2a2',
     'd2a7', 'd2c5', 'd2d1', 'd2e5', 'd2f7', 'd3b2', 'd3ec', 'd4ad', 'd4b9', 'd4bc',
     'd4c6', 'd4db', 'd5bf', 'd7bf', 'd7c0', 'd7c8', 'd7f2', 'd8aa', 'daa2', 'dae0',
     'e1dc', 'e2ba', 'e2bb', 'e8a1', 'eacb', 'f3be', 'bfa1', 'bfa6', 'bfb1', 'bfd5',
     'bfec', 'cfaf', 'cfb0', 'cfb7', 'cfcc', 'cfeb', 'dfae']


For the caligraphy examples:
    196 out of 2539 bad (0.0771957463568)
    ['b0dd', 'b0e1', 'b1b4', 'b1cf', 'b1df', 'b2a6', 'b2a8', 'b2b1', 'b2b2', 'b2b9',
     'b2c4', 'b2df', 'b2e6', 'b2e9', 'b2f8', 'b2fb', 'b3b9', 'b3bd', 'b3c1', 'b3e6',
     'b4d6', 'b4eb', 'b4f0', 'b5b4', 'b5ba', 'b5c7', 'b5d6', 'b5e3', 'b5e7', 'b5f7',
     'b6a5', 'b6a7', 'b6ac', 'b6c2', 'b6dc', 'b6e9', 'b6f3', 'b6f8', 'b7a2', 'b7a6',
     'b7ac', 'b7ad', 'b7b4', 'b7c9', 'b7ce', 'b7dd', 'b7e1', 'b7ea', 'b7f4', 'b8bf',
     'b8d4', 'b8df', 'b8f2', 'b9d9', 'bab3', 'bab8', 'babd', 'bac7', 'bacf', 'bae0',
     'bae1', 'bae4', 'baf3', 'baf6', 'bafb', 'bbb5', 'bbca', 'bbda', 'bbf2', 'bbf3',
     'bcdd', 'bce0', 'bcf6', 'bda3', 'bdb1', 'bdb2', 'bdc9', 'bdcc', 'bdd0', 'bdd6',
     'bdd7', 'bddc', 'bdef', 'bdf1', 'bea6', 'bea9', 'beb6', 'c0b3', 'c0ba', 'c0eb',
     'c0ef', 'c0f2', 'c1b8', 'c2a5', 'c2a6', 'c2a7', 'c2b3', 'c2db', 'c2ee', 'c2fc',
     'c3a6', 'c3b0', 'c3b7', 'c3cb', 'c3d4', 'c4a3', 'c4c9', 'c4e4', 'c4ea', 'c4ee',
     'c5af', 'c5b0', 'c5bb', 'c5c6', 'c5d0', 'c5e8', 'c6a2', 'c6b6', 'c6bd', 'c6be',
     'c6d3', 'c6e0', 'c7b1', 'c7b7', 'c7dd', 'c7e0', 'c7e3', 'c8dd', 'c8e2', 'c8ed',
     'c8f0', 'c9b3', 'c9cc', 'c9d9', 'c9ed', 'c9f2', 'cab3', 'cab6', 'cab8', 'caf4',
     'cba7', 'cbcd', 'cbd1', 'ccd1', 'ccdb', 'cdcb', 'cdeb', 'cdec', 'ceca', 'cecc',
     'd0ca', 'd0cb', 'd0cc', 'd0dd', 'd0f3', 'd0f9', 'd1b5', 'd1cf', 'd1de', 'd1f9',
     'd2a1', 'd2e0', 'd2f5', 'd3bb', 'd3c3', 'd3ce', 'd3eb', 'd4b0', 'd4bb', 'd5c9',
     'd6b5', 'd6cd', 'd7c0', 'd7cf', 'd7d3', 'd8aa', 'd9fb', 'daa4', 'dae0', 'dbbb',
     'e1eb', 'e2e7', 'e2f9', 'e3df', 'e5c1', 'e8f3', 'bfa8', 'bfbd', 'bfcd', 'bfe4',
     'bfec', 'bfee', 'cfaa', 'cfc2', 'cfc5', 'cfdf']