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These are my projects and work related to the Python language.

lost_theory on bitbucket.org
lost-theory on github.com

More recent code is now on bitbucket or github. Mostly bitbucket.

pagegen (May 2007)

A small utility for preparing images and text for a simple templated web page. I used it to list a bunch of stuff on eBay.

ltchinese (November 2006)

Python API for accessing the lost-theory.org Chinese pages (Ocrat character data, phonetics data, conversion of Chinese text between different encodings / representations, etc.)

PyTekkotsu (June 2006)

Pythonic interface to the Tekkotsu robotics framework. Used to introduce Sony Aibo robotics programming to high school students as part of the LTU Aibo Summer Camp program.

New Features in Python 2.5: talk (Sept. 2006)

Gave a talk on some new features in Python 2.5 (functools (partial and wraps), conditional expressions).

lost-theory.org Chinese pages

All of the lost-theory.org Chinese pages were built using Python:

Random and Dynamic Images with Python CGI (Sept. 2005)

Expanded tutorial / walkthrough of the talk below.

Random and Dynamic Images with Python CGI talk (Sept. 2005)

Talk on 'Random and Dynamic Images using Python CGI' given at the first Michipug meeting.

Some other misc. items: web.py 2.0 documentation, generating cutter numbers, ...

-- Steven Kryskalla <skryskalla@gmail.com>
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