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Chinese-related web pages with a focus on Chinese language learning for English speakers.

Stroke order animation for xin1 ('new')

Animated Chinese Characters

Learn how to write Chinese by watching animations that draw Chinese characters stroke by stroke (in simplified form as used in mainland China). Subsections include Surnames (with audio pronunciation), Numbers, the Chinese Zodiac, and more! You can also see the animated stroke orders by searching for characters by copying and pasting Simplified Chinese text.
Voice of America (Mei3guo2 zhi1 yin1)

Study Mandarin Chinese with Voice of America

Study intermediate-level Mandarin Chinese by listening to Voice of America newscasts (with Chinese character transcripts). Not affiliated with VOA.

Chinese Character Pronunciations

Input (copy-and-paste) any Chinese text and obtain the transliteration in Mandarin (pinyin) and hear audio clips of the pronunciation. Use this application to lookup pronunciations of unfamiliar words.

Pride and Prejudice in Chinese

Jane Austen's classic 1813 novel is presented with English text and Chinese translation side by side for easy comparison and language study.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
(Not currently available)
Answers to some common questions about Chinese-related topics.
Chinese text to image converter

Chinese text PNGs

Copy and paste or type some Chinese text and have it converted into an image (PNG). You can pick the font / font size, text color, and background color. Examples: (Pride & Prejudice, Molihua, big character for Xi (happiness))

Other helpful sites:

Adsotrans Adsotrans logo
Copy and paste some text into Adsotrans and have it marked up with smart annotations (pinyin and English translations). Very useful site! See it in action at NewsInChinese. You can also contribute back to the project and increase the quality of the site by submitting your own translations and annotations.
Build your Chinese written and spoken vocabulary with character and sentence flashcards. This site uses the character data from the Ocrat Mirror project.
Learn Chinese characters by studying how they are interrelated and how they have evolved.
Pocket Chinese
Pocket Chinese is a free program for learning Chinese on your mobile phone. The software lets you complete quizzes, hear pronunciations, and learn characters (including stroke order animations from this site).
On-line Chinese Tools
Looking for other Chinese-related web applications? Here is a collection of interesting pages with a focus on Java.

-- Steven Kryskalla <skryskalla@gmail.com>